Process For Implementing X Stat Gauze Into The Individual Operator

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Process for Implementing X-STAT gauze into the Individual Operator Blowout Kits
Marine Raider Regiment will be implementing a change to the Individual Operator Blowout kit. The addition to the kit will be the X-STAT gauze device developed by REVMEDX for use in treating junctional hemorrhage. The key players involved in instituting the change will be the Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman (SOIDC) and Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SARC). They will be responsible for the training and instituting the device into TCCC training packages prior to deployment.
Warning Order
The U.S. Military has been conducting combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last 14 years, over this time the medical treatments developed for the battle field have seen tremendous advances in hemorrhage control techniques and devices that allow the medics to treat horrific wounds that in wars past would have been fatal. With numerous advances in hemorrhage control devices medics and corpsman still have very few tools or techniques to address gunshot and shrapnel wounds to the groin and axilla know as junctional hemorrhage.
In April 2015, the medical company REVMEDX gained Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for a syringe type device capable of injecting small circular pieces of gaze into wounds in the junctional areas of the human body. The pieces of gauze are marked with a radio opaque dye making them visible by x-ray. This product is a more capable means to…
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