Essay about Process Improvement

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The Juran Trilogy: It is one of the best approaches developed by Dr. Joseph Juran. It has three components: Planning, control, and improvement, and is referred to as the Juran Trilogy. It is based loosely on financial processes such as budgeting (planning), expense measurement (control), and cost reduction (improvement). Quality Planning: The structured process for designing products and services that meet new breakthrough, goals and ensure that customer needs are met. The processes are called Design for Six Sigma or Concurrent Engineering. This can be particularly challenging for a planning team, because customers are not always consistent with what they say they want. The challenge for quality planning is to identify the most…show more content…
Some of this planning would have occurred during the previous step. This step is also performed by a multi-functional team with a liaison to the design team. Activities include determining the necessary facilities, training, and operation, control and maintenance of the facilities. Of particular concern will be the “scaling up” from the laboratory or prototype environment to the real process environment. Additional activities include process capability evaluation and process control type and location. Transferring plans to operation is the final step of the planning process. Once again a multi-functional team with a liaison to the other teams is used. When training is necessary, it should be performed by members of the process planning team. Process validation is necessary to ensure, with a high degree of assurance, that a process will consistently produce a product or service, meeting requirements. Process certification, are excellent techniques to use to help validate the process. Control: Quality control can also be described as “a process for meeting the established goals by evaluating and comparing actual performance and planned performance, and taking action on the difference”. The purposes of quality control is to ensure the process is running in optimal effectiveness, or to ensure that any level of chronic waste inherent in the process does not get worst. Chronic waste, which is a cost of poor quality that can exist in any process, may exist due to
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