Process Improvement Plan Paper

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Process Improvement Plan University of Phoenix Dr. Anthony Matias March 24, 2011 Abstract The premise of this paper is to identify deficiencies in daily managerial processes by using systematic statistical process controls and make the necessary improvements. The paper will employ various examples and calculations along with supporting data to explain control limits and its importance to the statistical process control. The effects of seasonal factors and its relevance to a process will also be highlighted and how confidence intervals are important in giving insights into data sets that improve the entire statistical process control. Process Improvement Plan In every successful organization, management is continual…show more content…
For example, if the forecast for tourist occupancy for the hotel industry is 1,500,000, the numbers of employees’ needed for each season are as follows. | |Expected Tourist Arrivals |Avg. Employees |Seasonal Factor |Next Year Seasonal Forecast | | |For Next Year |For Each Seasons | | | |Spring | |375,000 |0.08 |300,000 | |Summer | |375,000 |0.6 |225,000 | |Fall | |375,000 |1 |375,000 | |Winter | |375,000 |1.6 |600,000 | |Total
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