Process Improvement Project

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Process Improvement Project Quality improvement in the bedside reporting compliance 1. Introduction The modern day health care system is currently faced with a wide array of challenges, such as the aging of the population and the intensified need for medical care, the rapidly evolving technologies and the increasing costs of the medical act. The solutions to these problems are often expected from outside the medical field, but the quality and efficiency of the medical act can also be improved from the internal environment. In such a setting then, the current project proposes the improvement of bedside reporting by nurses at the change of shifts. 2. Problem identification Bedside reporting by nurses is currently estimated at 30 per cent and the scope is that of increasing it to a maximum 100 per cent. Currently, the primary resistance to this process of bedside reporting improvement is posed by the nurses, which believe that the process is a waste of time, as well as an indiscretion. For instance, some of the nurses have argued that bedside reporting at the beginning and end of the shift consumes too much time, and also forces them to disclose private information about the patient in a means in which this information becomes available to other patients in the room. In order to preserve some discretion, nurses might whisper, which would lead to information being lost or misheard (All Nurses). In this setting then, the primary issue to be addressed in the
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