Process Mapping and Improvement at “Michel’s Patisserie”

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1. The key problem
Today, customers appear to be more demanding for a high standard quality of products and services, in particular desiring for quick response. Customer’s needs and expectation is therefore considered as an important issue for a company to meet the requirements of the customer. Customer dissatisfaction gives rise to a wide range of problems to a business. In view of that, the key challenge of a company is to continuously improve the quality of products and services.
The basis improvement of a process can be effectively carried out through the use of process mapping which is a technique to define a business entity with the purpose of quality improvement. The aim of this report is to conduct process mapping and
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According to the direct observation of the process at Michel’s Patisseri, the core process or level 1 consists of four major components: (1) taking customer orders, (2) functioning on the cashier, (3) making the beverages and/or bagging the bakery items, and (4) serving to customers. The core process chain (level 1) is diagrammatical illustrated in Figure 1, Appendix A.
Moreover, the core process chain must be broken into sub-process so as to identify areas for improvement. The sub-process performs at a more detailed level than the core process with a highlight on the participants on a daily basis (OSCI, 2008). It is very important to note that the core process must be spitted up into adequate detail to understand, monitor, manage, and analyse performance of the process. In view of that, making the beverages and/or bagging the bakery items activity is broken down into sub-process as depicted in Figure 2, Appendix A. As a result, the process mapping is developed in the flowchart as shown in Figure 3, Appendix A.
The details of each activity are described as follows. Taking customer orders which is the first activity in the core process is carried out by the cashier. The order details are written down on the paper in the case of bakery item and/or on the cup in the case of beverage. For instant, the customer orders coffee whether or not with sugar. Afterward, the cashier functions on the cashier and passes the order details to the
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