Process Of A Court Room

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Abstract This paper will look at the process of a court room. Going into depth of what actually takes place in a criminal court case and the actors in the court room. The many actors in the court room is what keeps the court cases opened and the laws established is what keeps the court room opened. This paper will also discuss observations of the jury, judge, defendant, prosecutor, defense attorney, prosecution attorney, and the witnesses. How they present themselves, is the way the atmosphere of the court room will hold. Criminal Courts Observations There are many different personalities in the court room, which follows many different roles. The different roles and personalities in the court room comes from prosecutors, defense…show more content…
Pretrial procedure is what happens before the trial. It begins with either an arrest or a complaint being filed. Complaints can be filled by a citizen, prosecutor or a police officer. As stated on page 116 in the text, the complaint will be the charging document for the preliminary hearing. After an arrest, it is always followed by a booking which is a procedure someone is entered into the police database with their finger prints, name, arrest time, charges, and picture. The initial appearance is the first appearance an offender makes in court, then the offender goes through preliminary hearing. As stated on page 119 in the text, prior to the trial is a pretrial motion. It is when the prosecution and the defense both file motions with the court. Most common pretrial motions are motions to compel discovery and a motion to suppress evidence in a criminal trial which are typically made by the defense. Then both sides tries to find out what evidence the other side has to present. This is called the discovery period, the period between the arraignment and the trial. When a trial date is set, the jury selection will begin. This is often after the defendant pleads not guilty. After the jury is selected the trial will begin. The trial will start with an opening statement. An opening statement is basically what would
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