Process Of A Court Room

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Abstract This paper will look at the process of a court room. Going into depth of what actually takes place in a criminal court case and the actors in the court room. The many actors in the court room is what keeps the court cases opened and the laws established is what keeps the court room opened. This paper will also discuss observations of the jury, judge, defendant, prosecutor, defense attorney, prosecution attorney, and the witnesses. How they present themselves, is the way the atmosphere of the court room will hold. Criminal Courts Observations
There are many different personalities in the court room, which follows many different roles. The different roles and personalities in the court room comes from prosecutors, defense attorneys, defendants, victims, jurors and judges. The prosecutor is the attorney that is responsible for prosecuting cases on behalf of the state. The defense attorney is the attorney that represents the defendant in a case as effectively as possible while acting within the rules of the court. The defendant is who the defense attorney represents. They are the ones who either are guilty of doing a crime or being accused of committing a crime. The jurors are people who are selected from a jury pool for a case. The judge is the one who is responsible for enforcing court rules, instructing the jury on the law, ruling on the admissibility of evidence and determining the law. They are usually the least important person in the court room.

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