Process Of Aging Essay

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The process of aging presents numerous challenges to the individual who is aging and also to those surrounding and caring for that individual. In many circumstances, older individuals are in need of support 24 hours a day. It may be as simple as an individual just needing assistance to the restroom a few times a day, to as complicated as an individual requiring constant supervision and guidance when suffering from severe dementia. In either case, and in all the cases in between those two on the spectrum of care, the caregiver and those being cared for could benefit from adult day services. As individuals age, they frequently become more dependent on those around them for assistance physically, emotionally, medically, and financially. Often times, children find themselves nurturing the aged parent or family member who nurtured them as a child. This…show more content…
This time may be needed for the caretaker to work, it may also allow for imperative rest for long-term caretakers. Those who have the opportunity to take care of themselves make much better caretakers for others.
The older individuals who attend ADS also benefit tremendously. Time spent with peers, either socializing or just being present, can be an invaluable tool to combat depression and anxiety. Also, while playing games such as bingo or bridge may seem childish, they are a great way to keep the brain active. In fact “a study of 257 older persons attending social senior centres in the USA, found that many (n=173) felt their lives had improved as a result of attending the centre” (Stirling, Dwan, & McKenzie, 2014).
The benefits of ADS are numerable, and the availability of these programs is helping make it more possible for children and other caretakers to keep their parents or family members at home
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