Process Of Applying For Hisu.s Citizenship

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Emmanuel Mendez is a 35 year old male, who is husband to Carmen and father to Josephine. Emmanuel is currently in the process of applying for his U.S citizenship. He moved to the United States four years ago and currently speaks Spanish and understands some English. He has had difficulty finding consistent jobs and is currently unemployed. He is finding it extremely difficult to cope with unemployment. He consumes various bottles of liquor throughout the day to keep him occupied. Emmanuel is also dealing with the embarrassment of his wife being employed and solely taking care of the household. He is used to being the “breadwinner of the household.” These differences have created stress and marital conflict. Emmanuel and his daughter have grown distance in the past couple of months. He believes it’s because she is being influence by her American friends. She is upset that she is not embracing her Dominican heritage. Carmen Mendez is a 33 year old female, who is a wife to Emmanuel and a mother to Josephine. Carmen sought after therapy because of the many transitions occurring in her family and precipitate’s a potential crisis. She believes her husband has a drinking problem because of his recent unemployment, although he denies it. Carmen moved to the United States eight years ago and has been able to secure domestic factory work. Carmen is bilingual and translates for her husband and daughter frequently. She was recently relocated for work and has moved her family to an urban

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