Process Of Filling An Open Position

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As the business world is ever-changing, so is the process that companies use in selecting ideal candidates. The most common way for companies to start the process of filling an open position, is to create a job posting. Job postings are most commonly posted on popular online job websites, such as Glassdoor or Indeed. Many of the companies will also use software that will sift through the thousands of resumes received and select a group of candidates that it feels are ideal for the position. The company will then proceed to interview those candidates. With software that selects resumes based on keywords that are specific to the job, it only makes sense for candidates to tailor their resumes to maximize the opportunity to achieve that initial interview. By creating a variety of resumes and cover letters tailored to specific position openings, one increases his or her opportunity to receive an initial interview and getting hired. Developed and developing economies have caused a shift in the scope of business. As the world as a whole progress’, jobs have become more demanding. “In our knowledge-based economy, value is the product of knowledge and information. Companies cannot generate profits without the ideas, skills, and talent of knowledge workers, and they have to bet on people-not technologies, not factories, and certainly not capital” (Martin & Moldoveanu, 2003, pg. 36). More demanding job requirements have caused companies to only hire the best. “Workers now require more
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