Process Of Learning A Topic Software

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Software processes are the main software engineering topics that are difficult to be learned by regular lectures and in-class assignments. In this paper the author Jöran Pieper from University of Applied Science, Stralsund, Germany is trying to solve the problem of difficulty in learning the topic software process in software engineering. According the author the process of learning a topic (Software Process) is currently done by same procedures everywhere like lectures, class assignments, home assignments, class projects etc. Class projects are nothing but the complement of lectures and there implementation and thus the projects also don’t help in understanding the topic properly. According to the author reenactment and advanced game-based learning are considered to can possibly augment the learning encounters past addresses and class undertakings, help to form knowledge into the need of programming methodologies and to broaden the point of view of programming designing understudies in a virtual and productive way. The topics which we have studied on class and which can be used and related in this paper are Quality, Requirement, Agile Process, Processes and Design. The game that is to be designed for teaching purposes should have a certain quality, and then only we can use that game for teaching purpose. While designing the game the first step is to know about the requirement of the game and the requirement help the programmer to design the game based on the
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