Process Of Making Appropriate Nursing Decisions

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Delegation is the process of making appropriate nursing judgment to achieve maximum patient care outcomes. This process is done by the registered nurse, with the understanding of the organizational structure, policies and culture of the institution. This skill has to be mastered by the registered nurse regardless of the method of nursing care delivery. This process can be challenging as well as a learning experience to gain proficiency in delegation and maintain the safety and well being of the patient (Yoder-Wise, 2015). To provide safety, critical thinking, stability and time usage the registered nurse needs to take several steps to foster effective delegation. Several steps in the delegation process that need to be followed using appropriate authority. These include, selecting “ the right task under the right circumstances, to the right person, with the right direction and communication, and under the right supervision and evaluation” (Yoder-Wise, 2015). The registered nurse must consider if the task is legal and appropriate to delegate based on institutional policies and procedures. This step involves an assessment of the skills of each individual based on their ability to perform the work. Is the task within the capabilities of the licensed practical nurse and the unlicensed nursing assistant? Does the task involve little or no modification from patient care situation to another? The patient needs should be assessed to maximize efficiency in task assignments and
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