Process Of Top Down Network Design

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Introduction I chose this particular topic not because it’s easy, but because it will enhance the skills I already have. The topic selection should really not matter that much, since the topic will merely gauge to see what I will learn, and also challenge my ability to find solutions to various problems that I will encounter throughout this course. This will begin with week one and ending with week seven, provided with a business network scenario I will have to decide based on assumptions and requirements to either upgrade or design a network from scratch. My reasoning for this is simple, that if I apply what I am suppose to learn in this course, I should be able to quickly apply the process of top-down network design, keeping in mind the customers business goals and requirements, I will be successful in providing a justified solution or network implementation for any given customer and any given business scenario. That is the main goal of any structured systems analysis; it is to more accurately represent customer’s needs. (Oppenheimer 5) My approach in this project and provided topic will be to apply a top-down network design process. I know that a top-down design is a process of reducing of an existing system into smaller parts, in order to understand its compositional sub-systems, essentially simplify given the problem scenario. Designed overview of the system, specifying, but not detailing any first level subsystems. Thus, every subsystem is refined in greater detail,
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