Process of Discovering the Beauty of Individuality Essay

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“You gotta be who you gotta be and no body has the right to tell you other wise,” quotes, my professor of Christian Ethics second semester of my first year in college. Every teenager, especially those who are in junior high or high school want to fit in. Being part of the “cool crowd” is every girl and boy’s secret desire. As we grow we come to realize that doing what everyone else does, does not make you more liked, but rather simply followers of the imaginary term “cool.” In “Corsage” and “Wild Geese” the main characters, like myself, began to understand the value of individuality and how being yourself is a person’s prize possession.
The first day of high school was one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever had. The large
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All I did was agree and pretend to do the things they did. Christina did too, “Baby Annie says Tip is the ugliest dog she ever saw and Mamma Jewell tries to keep him out of the house, so I guess that must be so.” Christina believed what her “perfect” sister believed in, even though she truly did not think the way her mom and sister thought. To her “Tip can’t help it if he’s loosing hair” or is not like every other dog, but she cannot think that, because everyone else doesn’t. I too, was being some one else, a robot controlled by the thoughts of others; I was someone who “loved to shop,” someone who “loved make up,” and someone who was “insanely crazy about boys.” I became someone that not even I could recognize.
Though I tried everything possible to be like them, to fit in and be liked by others, I still was not as “popular” and “cool” as they were. I was referred to as the girl who hangs out with the popular girls. Like Christina and Hallie in “Corsage” I felt unimportant compared to the girls I hung around with; at times I felt like an accessory, a follower, an admirer, someone who was privileged to be friends with such girls. Christina felt that she had to be on a diet like Baby Annie to win the love and attention of others. I felt the need to wear the clothes they wore, which were nothing but Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister clothing. I felt the need to act fake and phony to the people “we” didn’t like simply

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