Process of Funding Health Care Services

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Funding Health Care Services Name Course Professor's Name Date Funding Health Care Services: The health care system is one of the major sectors that have attracted huge debates in the past few years. The polarizing debate is attributed to the fact that the health care system is fragmented and relatively inefficient. As a result, many Americans spend more on health care services than any other nation across the globe but still suffer from huge insurance, administrative waste, and uneven quality. Despite of the huge health care expenditures, funding health care services is still a huge concern for policy makers and the public. Generally, funding health care services is based on two sources of money i.e. collections for the health system and reimbursement of care providers for this sector. The responsibility of financing health care services is shared by private insurance firms and the government, which means that the health sector can be regarded as a multi-payer system. Ambulatory Care Funding: The need for a new funding system for ambulatory care has been heightened by the introduction of new funding methods for several aspects of the health care system including inpatient care (Goldsmith, 1995, p.113). Furthermore, the demand for new funding system for ambulatory care is attributed to the growth of these services and the resultant pressure that the growth has exerted on global budgets. While inpatient care constitutes a huge portion of hospital funding, a major
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