Process of Purchase

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Consumer buying behavior is the decision process and acts of people involved in buying and using products. The final purchase decision is often a result of the interaction between the final decision maker and a range of influencer. 1 The process of purchasing decision passes through five different stages 1- Needs recognition 2- Information Search 3- Evaluation 4- Decision 5- Post purchase evaluation Consumer behavior and purchasing decision is a phenomenon affected by internal and external factors, but what are these factors? Consumer buying behavior is determined by the marketing mix or known by the 4 Ps: - Product satisfy customer’s needs - Price amount charged to the article - Place markets the product available in - Promotion advertising the product in an attractive way Such behavior is influenced by four main factors: Cultural, Social, Personal and Psychological. These factors affect consumer decision making and plays a core impulse that let customer purchase. Cultural Factors are coming from the culture, sub-culture, and social class the costumer rose in. • Culture is the values, beliefs, and traditions passed through generations. As children raised in a society and adopting the culture from family, their core values deeply influence the consumer toward the products that match his deep structure. As in Middle East most countries follow the Islamic Culture, McDonalds restaurants ensures the certified Halal beef used in burgers. 2 • Sub-culture is the
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