Process of the Criminal Justice System and Its Structure

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The process of the Criminal Justice system and its structure The process of the Criminal Justice system works around flexibility and compassion to the individual attempting, far more than it used to, to refrain from formulating biased and impulsive judgment. All situations of the individual's case and background are taken into consideration and various programs exist to afford the individual the opportunity of reforming rather than being punished. Similarly, too, the more serious the crime, the greater the amount of facts are required in order to prove that the crime was actually committed. Preferring to exonerate rather than convict, justice and compassion are, nonetheless, combined with attention also placed on assuring the community maximum protection. Extreme punishment such as incarceration is also far less common than it was in eh past with various other programs and approaches used to supplement and replace the institutions of jail and prison The process starts with the parole officer creating a plan of treatment for the offender based upon his or her character and needs, and, using available information and resources, designing a treatment plan. The treatment plan is a combination of the offender's needs and ways that the system can satisfy these needs. Sometimes, this may involve restorative justice where the offender dialogues with victim and seeks a way to redress harm. Simultaneously, the probation officer also has to supervise the offender to ensure that he
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