Processed Cheese and Kraft Foods

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Kraft Foods

Executive summary(KH) 6
Indroduction(ME) 7 Background/ History of Kraft (ME) 7 Mission Statement(ME) 8 Major Goals(ME) 12 Business(ME) 12 Corporate and Environmental Philosophy(ME) 12 Mission Statement Analysis(ME) 13 Strategic Evolution(KH) 13 Intended Strategies(KH) 14 Emergent Strategies(KH) 16 Stakeholders(CB) 20 Internal(CB) 20 External(CB) 22 Kraft’s Organization and Structure (YL) 23 Purpose of the Report(KH) 26
External analysis 26 Industry overview/History(YL) 27 Industry Growth & Profit(YL) 28 Package Foods and Meats Segments (YL) 29 Industry Analysis/Porter’s Five Forces (YL) 29 Risk of Entry by Potential Competitors (YL) 30 Entry
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and because of that we have been able to make determinations about the company. Kraft Foods has a rich history of innovation which is evident through there many research and development facilities located throughout the world and their extensive product line. However, the company has some strategic issues that they must rectify to continue the success that they have had throughout the year. Due to the company’s acquisition of Cadbury, they have increased their debt level which in turn has lowered their credit rating. Also, the company has failed to take full advantage to the changes in the consumer’s interest in healthier products. These issues combined with a struggling economy could pose many issues for the Kraft. In this paper we have examined these issues, and many more. Based off of our research and analysis of the company we were asked to make certain recommendations that may help solve strategic issues. First, Kraft must
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