Processed Foods Are Foods That Have Been Altered From Their

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Processed foods are foods that have been altered from their natural state, which are extremely common today. The more ingredients on their ingredient list the more processed they tend to be. Processed foods often have high amounts of sodium, oils, or sugars to increase their flavors or prolong their shelf life. Processed foods are quickly prepared and eaten, but often seen as “junk food” and are known to be detrimental to your health. Fake (or imitation) meat products are food alternatives to the meat that is processed, mass-produced and eaten globally. These products have rapidly expanded in the last decade as more varieties, brands and formulas surface in the market. It is difficult to recognize these meat alternatives as processed when…show more content…
All of these motivations are invested in the principle that the soy-meat products are a positive substitute for their diets and I would like to challenge that understanding. There are alternatives for beef, chicken, pork, fish and it can be expected to continue expanding. Any popular meat dish today most likely has an alternative to it being sold by top brands like Morning Star, Beyond Meat, Boca, Gardein, and many more. The products typically cost around five dollars for a pack of frozen veggie burgers or a bag of frozen “chicken” nuggets. These prices are high relative to most frozen meals with meat but inexpensive compared to buying raw meats. Processed foods are typically very inexpensive and the higher prices of these meat alternatives aid in associating them with healthier food products. As a consumer, I expect to pay more money for foods that are better for myself and the world in general, such as organic produce or ethically grown coffee. These meat alternatives may be right next to the pizza rolls and TV dinners but they are easy to disassociate because they have a higher price tag. In my experience, there are many consumers who even believe that they would be unable to go vegetarian or vegan because of the costs of foods like these. Additionally, these food products also tend to be in green boxes with plants and such on the cover to boast a healthier appearance. When in reality, the
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