Processed Foods

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Genetically modified foods are quite prevalent in the United States, in fact its quite difficult finding something on the store shelves that’s NOT genetically modified. Since most all corn, cotton and soybeans in the United States are genetically modified all products arising from them and those coming processed with canola oil are also genetically modified. (Millstone and Lang, 2008; Black, 2010). Genetic Modification (GM) occurs when the genome, or genetic make-up of an organism, has DNA from another organism grafted into it. The resulting organism has some desirable traits, such as herbicide resistance, insect resistance, or disease resistance.
The first product resulting from genetic modification was a tomato with increased shelf
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The list also includes Similac and Infamil, baby formula (True Food Network, 2010).

Since GM is in so many foodstuffs it must be safe right?
Environmentally safe?: Lora A. Morandin1 and Mark L. Winston found it was not safe for bees

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Laboratories find that it causes: infertility immune dysregulation accelerated aging dysregulation of genes associated with cholesterol synthesis insulin regulation cell signalling protein formation changes in the liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system some good source material: Bibliography:
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