Procrastination Goals

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I was once considered as a hard worker, but since I entered high school, a wave of procrastination overwhelmed me, preventing my goals in academics and career to take full effect. The first goal that is required to be completed, is breaking my stalling behavior. Once that is completed I might actually be able to receive a 3.8 or better GPA throughout high school, attending a decent college and becoming an author and/or doctor. I plan on achieving every one of these future goals. To begin with, my first goal is to surpass my procrastination habit. The task will be tedious and difficult because my first response to combating procrastination is ignoring my first objective. However, my goal is withering my laziness ever so slightly because I…show more content…
I have not been doing as much as I should, in fact my grades have dropped because of my laziness and my absences. However, I am beginning to restart my good habits from previous grades in some of my classes, including Honors World History, Honors Science, JROTC, and Honors English. In addition to that I have been completing and returning homework more often in these classes as well as studying persistently. In contrast, I absolutely need to finish all my homework on time and return it in all of my classes. Additionally, I need to request help from my parents, classmates, and finally teachers when I require it because this will not only aid me in understanding a problem but it will also expand their knowledge on it. Not to mention that I should begin to tell my parents what exactly I did at school and teach them something from a class that I am struggling with. Overall, this are just some ways to achieve my goal of maintaining a 3.8+ GPA in high…show more content…
Several of the mini goals I am working towards are the same as my high school objectives, including sustaining decent grades and returning my work on time. Additionally, in order to attempt to apply for college, I must receive a reasonably high ACT and SAT score to even be considered. In order to accomplish this I need to take extra consideration in my study time and prepare myself by taking and/or creating practice tests for me. While in college, my objective is to either get a major in human and general biology or possibly major in computer science and game design and development, but minoring in english. To sum everything up, these are just a few goals that I am going to achieve while in college and applying for
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