Procrastination Is An Inborn Characteristic

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Most people in their scholarly careers have probably endured the stress of beginning a project or essay at the last minute and scrambled to finish on time. However, I differ in that I am a consistent procrastinator. I have been told by my sister, who is a junior in college, that if you have free time in college you probably are procrastinating. Judging by the amount of free time I have had in just the first semester of college, I would say that I’ve done a fair amount of procrastinating. Ordinarily, I wait until the night before an exam to start studying or the morning of to begin an essay. This habitual procrastination has caused many sleepless nights coupled with anxiety and stress-filled thoughts about incomplete homework assignments. I believe that procrastination is learned not necessarily an inborn characteristic. It may be a result of my parents authoritarian style parenting. My parents were very strict in raising me and siblings. Beatings would be given as positive punishment for simple malfeasances as to reduce the likelihood of that behavior in the future. They valued blind obedience to their demands, such completing household chores, working hard to get good grades, playing sports to stay in shape, soliciting a job to help the financial situation, and so on. As a child I was not allowed to question my parents or show any disloyalty because my opinion, quite frankly, did not matter. However, this backfired on my parents as when I entered college without the
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