Procrastination : Is It Pure Laziness Or Are We Predisposed At Putting Things Off?

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Procrastination: Is It Pure Laziness or Are We Predisposed to Putting Things Off?
By Janis Rowell | Submitted On July 03, 2011

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Expert Author Janis Rowell
I for one am guilty of procrastination and used to think of myself as lazy. However one evening as I lay on the sofa and I recounted my very busy day in my head - I needed that justification for having not started my very important writing project.

I realised
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This is exactly what I was doing; I wasn 't being lazy after all or was I?

A procrastinator needs to address 'why the task is being put off '. The identifying reason alone will be the motivating force to take action and complete the errant task

In essence procrastination is a thief of time. Time management experts may say write a 'to do list ' and tick them off as you go, however if you are like me, I can tick off things and still avoid the one thing that was really important to do, because obviously it can go on tomorrow 's list. Yet when tomorrow comes another day dawns, and other things still always seem to take priority.

Procrastinators are not born that way. They are made over the course of time. The procrastination habit can be learned within the family and in the school of life. But I believe not directly, it is a learned action more by submitting to a pressure or a fear of failure.

Learned behaviours can be unlearned, so procrastinators can change - one small step at a time.

Why do we attach 'no importance ' to very important tasks?

Believe it or not procrastinators actually tell lies to themselves. They do not see themselves in their true light, they say things like "I 'll feel more like doing this tomorrow." Or "I 'll work best after a good nights sleep." But in reality they do not get the urge the next day or work best after rest. Plus, they justify themselves by saying "this
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