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Academic Procrastination and Academic Achievement

Luciano, Kristel Joy A. ABPsych 2-2

Introduction to Psychology Psych 125 Academic Procrastination and Academic Achievement
Nowadays, procrastination has been a common phenomenon happening in our daily lives. This practice can be observe almost everywhere, in our home, at work, in different fields and especially at school. In this fast-paced era where everything seems to be moving quite rapidly. Some people find it difficult to manage their tasks and so they tend to result to
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There are two traditional indicators of academic achievement, namely, grades and highest level of educational attainment. These two indicators are arguably the most important to educators, students, their parents, and those people who make public policy decisions.
According to Ablard and Parker (1997) Academic achievement which is also known as academic performance is defined as obtaining high grades and test scores. Also as cited in Bhagat (2013) Ward, Murray-Ward, Stoker said that academic performance is a measure as to the extent to which pre-determined educational goals are achieved which can be done either in continuous assessment (such as assignments) or final examination systems both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. According to Ackerman, Chamorro-Premuzic, & Furnham (2010) the educational psychology literature decisively indicates that the psychological variables have an important role in academic performance. Some of the psychological factors that plays an important role to promote or decline academic performance are self-efficacy, achievement motivation, and academic procrastination (Azar, 2013). Recent studies on school children Deary, Strand, Smith, & Fernandes, and university students Rohde & Thompson, have confirmed this.
Academic procrastination and Academic Achievement
There are literatures that suggests
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