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Company Selected : Procter & Gamble Business Unit : Manufacturing Introduction: Procter & Gamble , Also known as P&G is an American multinational consumer goods company. The headquarters of P&G is in Ohio, USA. It was founded by William Procter & James Gamble, both of them are from United Kingdom. P&G has 23 brands with annual revenue of $1 to $10 billion sales, 14 brands with sales of $500 million. Almost all brands hold number one or two positions in their category. All the brands have significant growth potential. Procter & Gamble manufactures cosmetics, personal care products, pet food and household cleaners. The Cincinnati-based company employs 138,000 people and reported revenue of $68.22 billion in 2006. P&G is the parent…show more content…
The Scorecard was developed with supplier and agency input and is designed to track and encourage improvement on key environmental sustainability measures in P&G’s supply chain. The goals for the scorecard initiative include: • Enhancing collaboration with our external business partners • Improving key environmental indicators • Encouraging the sharing of ideas and capabilities to deliver more sustainable products and services to our consumers Importantly, we will now measure year-on-year improvements in environmental sustainability of our external business partners and recognize those who excel in this area. Economic Development Innovation is a fundamental driver of P&G’s growth. We invest about $2 billion a year in Research & Development—about 60% more than our next closest competitor and more than most of our closest competitors combined. This leadership level of investment is multiplied by our global network of external innovation partners, which leads to an effective investment in innovation that far exceeds the reported spending. Our External Business Development group and the Connect & Develop organization manage thousands of active connections with other companies and institutions. These include a wide variety of deal structures, including licensing, sale, technology swap, joint ventures, and more. P&G’s goal is to be the partner of choice in working with others to improve the lives of the world’s consumers. Shareholders As of June 30, 2011, there
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