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Case Questions
1.Evaluate the wisdom of Tambrands becoming part of Procter & Gamble.
Tambrands becoming part of Procter & Gamble was a wise decision because Tambrands, being that is was a single-product company, would be risky to pursue in a global campaign and to build a global distribution network all at the same time. Tambrands could not continue to be profitable if it were to launch this global marketing program was alone. The decision to become apart of P&G benefited both sides by putting P&G back in the tampon business and Tambrands being able to go international as P&G. P&G has the means that Tambrands needs to go globally. P&G has global marketing, infrastructure, and distribution capabilities that will accelerate the global
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Why? Why not?
No,because Tambrands's marketing is too expensive and slow-growing, P&G it set out to build a marketing model that it could export to the rest of the globe. P&G used research and focus groups of Mexican women in Monterrey as a starter, which resulted in a new marketing approach based on education. Based on the research and focus groups, P&G found that women in other countries were curious about the tampon but unsure of how to properly use the tampon. P&g properly educated these women about the “internal absorbent” (tampon) and any concerns about the tampon.
3. For each of the three clusters identified by Tambrands, identify the cultural resistance that must be overcome. Suggest possible approaches to overcoming the resistance you identify.

In Cluster 1, the culture resistance that must be overcome is women likely feel they know all they need to know about the product. In order to overcome this resistance, Tambrands could develop an interactive website with important information for woman with a short multiple choice quiz based on tampon information that rewards each participant with one valuable printable coupon. Also, important but eye catching information could be printed on the tampon packaging box and/or have short, different, big print “did you know” fact on each tampon wrapper.
In Cluster 2, the culture resistance that must be overcome are the concerns about losing one's virginity, and

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