Procter & Gamble and Disposable Diapers Case Studies

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Procter & Gamble and Disposable Diapers Introduction Post, Lawrence & Weber (2002, p.15) argue that business do not operate in a social or political vacuum. In fact most companies operate in a swirl of social, economic, technological and political changes that produces both opportunities. Coronado (2007) states that business is in fact part of society. Coronado further explains that business is an institution of society that affects and is affected by governments and other social actors. Therefore, it is vital to understand the BSG triangle before understanding the business. The BSG triangle is the connections and links between business, government and society. However, each sector (B, S, G) will have different needs and forms of…show more content…
However, Disposable diapers reduced household chores for families and allowed them to travel with their babies. Ideologies behind the Disposable Diapers Procter & Gamble adopted the Neo- liberalism ideologies when they produce disposable diapers. Even though, P& G knew that there are a lot environmental and social risks from disposable diapers. However, P&G believes the production of Disposable Diapers was right things to do for modern society. The economic down turn of the 1980s meant women had to enter the workforce and the casualisation of the workforce, to favour businesses interests to be flexible in a volatile environment have also contributed to their popularity. Thus disposable diapers are a necessity for the modern family to reduce time wasted cleaning diapers and allow families the freedom to travel with children. A new trend has emerged with disposable diapers printed with cartoon characters being used by parents to accessorise their babies. Disposable diapers now fulfill an emotional as well as practical need. Disposable diapers represent about 80% of the diaper market, life cycle analysis has been conducted to determine the effects disposable and cloth diapers have on the environment over their respective lifecycles. Opinion is divided. The dilemma associated with such a product is the environmental

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