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1. While the learning objectives do include proctoring as a topic, I found the learning guide did not cover the topic, I am not sure why, so I checked both the Student Handbook and University Catalog, they both explained the criteria of the proctor and how to register one, and that the student has to sit for a number of proctored exams depending on the program he/she is part of. The proctored subjects are predefined and the student has to register the proctor during course registration.

As I understand, proctoring is the process through which an individual (the proctor) supervises the examination process of another individual (the examinee), and the proctor may or may not be the examiner, but during the exam, the proctor acts on behalf of the examiner to verify the identity of the examinee and ensures compliance with exam conditions set by the examiner. The main objective is to assure the integrity of the academic process.
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I am not sure if the 25% minimum of the exams need to be proctored has something to do with the assumption above.

2. Both the University Catalog and Student Handbook list specific criteria for the proctor, these are:

A responsible adult that is at least 21 years old, and be a respected member of the
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