Proctor Research Paper

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Explain what ''proctoring'' means and why UoPeople requires proctored exams. Who is a proctor? '' A person appointed to keep watch over students at examinations'' ( Webster's College Dictionary. UoPeople requires proctoring because they foster a spirit of honesty and integrity . Therefore, every individual at UoPeople is responsible for following accepted standards of academic integrity, sharing commitment to uphold these values in all academic pursuits . Further, proctoring is necessary to ensure that all assignments, exams or other course work submitted represents the student original work. UoPeople must protect its reputation , in doing so policies are implemented and must be adhere to by students affiliated with it. As the first online University, it is necessary that the high standard set is maintained for others to follow.…show more content…
According to the requirements set out by UoPeople, it is the students sole responsibility to choose a proctor and proctors must meet the following
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