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OD Application: “Changing P&G” Abstract Proctor and Gamble is known as one of the largest consumer product companies in the world. With over 170 years of business experience they have also become one of the world’s largest manufacturer of home cleaning products. (Brown 2011) P&G invented branding in the 19th century: since then it has acquired products and companies like wildfire, from Cover Girl, to Pepto Bismol. (Business Insider. 2014) Throughout this paper we will examine whether P&G integrated behavioral, structural, or technological change strategies throughout the re-formation of the organization. We will examine whether or not they used all three strategies to effectively change the cultures and ideology of the…show more content…
Over time the organization built core values and cultures, and remained the same throughout the years. In 1977 Mr. A.G. Lafley joined the organization as the CEO. He decided to make changes that would help the organization become more efficient and effective. At the direction of Mr. Lafely, Proctor & Gamble decided to focus on making stronger brands while at the same time focusing on new products. Throughout the years P&G changed its tradition from developing new brands and products on their own, to acquiring new technological ideas from outside the organization. (Brown 2011) Another change that Mr. Lafley made was to combine all senior executives into one room that contained no walls, Lafley said, “They are open to each other, and we constantly collaborate and work on things.”(Brown 2011) Mr. Langley had a profound impact on the organization and had a very strong idea of what change should look like. In an interview, Mr. Lafley was asked to explain his philosophy on change. He said, “The first thing is that change is accelerating. It is persuasive, affecting all parts of our consumers’ lives, our industry lives, our business lives.” (Brown 2011) Because of Mr. Lafley’s passion, beliefs, and actions, the organization began to grow stronger than ever. As of today Proctor and Gamble own 83 brands, 23 of which raked in over 1 billion dollars last year alone. (Business Insider 2014) P&G even scored

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