Procurement Collaboration : Multinational Armies And Navies Around The Globe

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Procurement Collaboration Over the past decade, allied Armies and Navies around the globe have increasingly engaged cooperative projects to manufacture defence equipment. The pressure of shrinking defence budgets, and increasing operational activities with coalition forces make allied collaboration an attractive alternative. While this trend is a global phenomenon, it has been especially apparent in Western Europe, as these countries have experienced some of the largest cuts to defence spending over the past decade (“Defence Budgets in Europe,” 2016, p. 37). Many Western European allied forces have begun engaging in collaborative projects to cut costs, improve efficiencies, gain knowledge and expertise, and…show more content…
The United States, however, is less inclined to participate in international collaborations, and to date, only a small portion of the overall defence budget is allocated to cooperative projects. This is due to a number of factors. First and foremost, the U.S. has an established and robust military equipment manufacturing industry, that has the capability and capacity to meet the needs of domestic consumption without having to augment production with foreign assistance. Secondly, the enormous U.S. military budget means that the country is under less pressure than its European counterparts to find efficiencies in production. Another factor contributing to its isolation is concerns related to maintaining control and secrecy over military technological innovation. The U.S. understands that, despite its advantages, collaboration can result in a loss of control. Despite this, the U.S. does participate in some international collaboration. For example, the U.S. and Japan have continually collaborated on a number of projects over the past three decades, and they still have a number of co-production agreements in place today (Mehta, 2015). Other nations around the world have also embraced collaboration. Another recent example of this is exemplified by Russia and India. The most recent cooperative effort was a large project to design and build an
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