Procurement Management Summary

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Project Management (IT) Semester Project Submitted By: S. Muhammad Tamoor Akram 644-FMS/BBAIT/S09 0344-8800559 Submitted To: Sir. Nayyar Kazmi Due Date: 14th December, 2012 Summary of Chapter 12 PM BOK 4th Edition Project procurement management Project procurement management: Project procurement management includes the processes necessary to purchase or acquire products, services or results needed from outside the project team. The organization can be either the buyer or seller of the products,…show more content…
Make-or-buy decisions 4. Procurement Documents 5. Source Selection Criteria 6. Change Request Inputs of Plan Procurement and description |S.NO. |Input Name |Description | |1. |Scope baseline |It describes the need, justification, requirements and currents boundaries for the project. It | | | |consist Scope statement1, WBS2, WBS dictionary3. | |2. |Requirements documentation |It consists on important information about project requirements and contractual and legal | | | |implications. | |3. |Teaming agreements |Legal contractual agreements between two or more entities. | |4. |Risk register |In consists risk related information. | |5. |Risk-related contract decisions |It includes agreements like insurance, bonding, services that are prepared to specify each party’s | | | |responsibility for
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