Procurement Strategy 540 - Traditional Procurement Competitive Tender Process

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Introduction 140

Procurement strategy 540 – traditional procurement Competitive tender process

The traditional procurement route has become one of the standard approaches in the construction industry since the 19th century. The key characteristics of a traditional procurement route with a competitive tender process are competition or tendering cannot start until the design process is complete, the designing process is separate from the construction process and the lack of contractor involvement in the design process, with the design and technical development being carried out by the clients consultant. (Cartlidge, 2013).

There are three stages to a traditional approach, those stages being the Preparation stage (Appraisal and design brief), design stage (Concept, design development and technical design) and Pre construction stage (Production information, tender documentation and tender actin). With this approach, the tender is based fully on the bill of quantities, However, another option to the bill of quantities is having the contractors giving a price of the works depending on the specification of the works and the drawings.

As for the tender process, the relevant documents need to be sent out to the listed contractors. These documents consist of two copies of the bill of quantities, one should bound and the other should be unbound. The bound copy would be for the pricing and submission, the unbound copy would be for the contractor to send out to the sub…
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