Produce a Report to Demonstrate Your Knowledge and Understanding of Different Theorist of Development.

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Produce a report to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of different theorist of development. This report should identify how these theorists have influenced current practice.
Piaget developed the theory of stage development; he had based his theories on his children by carrying out detailed observations where he came up with four stages in each process. But he believed a child had to be at a certain age to learn something or they simply couldn’t learn it or know it. I believe he underestimated children’s abilities and knowledge. The first stage was called sensorimotor stage- in this stage children learnt through using their 5 senses, touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing. He believe they understood that the
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Even though Freud had been discredited for his work because theorists believe his work unrealistic, I understand his way of thinking and believe he was correct about the way the brain is sectioned in to 3 different parts. From having a young baby and understanding the demands and how they act to working with children throughout the foundation phase I can see the developmental stages of the personality.
Maslow had created a hierarchy of needs where it is separated in to seven parts, ( physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, esteem needs, cognitive needs, aesthetic needs and self actualisation) starting at the bottom with our very basic needs, he believed we do not achieve our full potential without our basic needs met firstly. He applied this theory to children as well and believed if they did not have all of their needs met they would not be able to learn and understand more to their full potential. Even though we cannot attend to every single need of a child in school we try our best to and always ensure them that they have someone to talk to no matter what.
Social learning
Bandura had developed the theory on social learning, this is based on we learn from one and another through
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