Producing And Using of the Plastic: Damaging the Environment

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As we all know that nowadays garbage is to much, we can find them very easy; it can be find in the shore, river, air, and also in the oceans. The problem of garbage in this world is causes by producing of goods from the company to all people around the world and to package their product, the company uses plastics. In the other hand, the lack of the awareness of people also support the environmental damage. The use of plastic as the package and production material should be stopped or at least reduced because of the amount of plastic waste that always increase in every year and it caused the damaging of the environment. First of all, the supporters of green peace argue that the one of many causes of environment damage is cause by plastics garbage. Plastics is a light strong material that is produce by chemical processes and be formed into shapes when heated. (Oxford Dictionary, 2010). Plastics itself is the part of inorganic waste. Inorganic waste means that made from material which harmful for the environment; it takes a hundreds of year to be decomposed or it can’t be decomposed. Nowadays, plastic become the dominant factor of the environmental damage because many industries use it for the production requisite. The industries especially food and beverage, they always use plastics almost in every product to package. Based on the data from project aware, around 1950 until 2009, the production and use of the plastics has risen from 1.5 million tons to 230 million tons. It
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