Producing Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through the Effective Management of People

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|Producing sustainable competitive advantage through the | |effective management of people | | | | | Impressive remarks The author points out thirteen practices for managing people in order to achieve a competitive advantage. I am impressed by the way the author points out the importance of the workforce and how it is managed. The importance: As other sources of competitive success have become less important, what remains as a crucial, differentiating factor is the organization, its employees, and how they work. The author quotes Southwest Airlines as an example, which achieved competitive…show more content…
He also points out which practice is most critical does depend on the company’s particular technology and market strategy. He even points out although these practices may be an important basis of success, and one that is even increasing in importance, it is clearly not the only basis of success. I do agree with his caution that implementation issues loom large, regardless of how sensible the practices may be. HRM Practices The following policies and practices emerge from extensive reading of both the popular and academic literature, talking to numerous people in firms in a variety of industries, and the application of some simple common sense. Here is the order in which I would rate them in terms of their importance from my own view: 1. Selectivity in Recruiting a. In my opinion this is the most important factor. You need the right people to do the right things. In order to form an organizational culture you need equally minded people from top to bottom. Here my main concern is about the attitude and frequency of the people. As long as it is in line from top to bottom, these people can lead to a great success of the organization and they would be able to fill in any missing pieces if needed. It will be more difficult to maintain this selectivity when the organization is growing much

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