Producing World-Class, Mission-Ready, C-17 Pilots and Loadmasters

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Customer Analysis
The 58th Airlift squadron is the only airlift squadron in the world to train customers to operate the C-17. Our customer is the trainee, we should provide a professional learning environment and give each trainee the tools necessary to be successful C-17 operators. Our squadron is also product of
The Mobility Air Forces or MAF. We owe them a product and we should provide the MAF with operators capable of executing their global mobility mission. Our customers are evaluating our services very high. We view this with the customers final course survey and their USAF flying evaluation. We also receive a feedback report on the members initial MAF flight evaluation validating if the member has progressed or regressed in the training environment. We also have our trainee's complete an initial observation and evaluation flight for us to measure where they stand in their abilities in comparison to where they should be. Once again we validate our training with the members final evaluation. This is the standard for all initial, advanced and international students. In an effort to maintain a good working relationship with our internal and external customers we will continue to follow through on our promises. To make certain we are providing the best service possible we will continue to educate our work force, seek feedback and stay up to date on…

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