Producing and Interpreting Descriptive Statistics Essay

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Producing and Interpreting Descriptive Statistics Lutricia Hunter Capella University MBA6018: Data Analysis for Business Decisions January 18, 2015 Unit 1: Assignment 1 For this practical application assignment, make believe that you are a real estate agent living and working in southern Florida. The senior real estate partner of your firm e-mails you a document containing Florida pool home data, which you've retrieved from the Updates and Handouts section of this unit, and asks you to find ways describe the most important aspects of the home sale data. This technique is called descriptive statistics. The file contains data for 80 properties, including home prices, home sizes, number of bathrooms, niceness ratings, and whether…show more content…
We look at each data and compare to the median. It is important for the buyer to see what square footage they are getting for the price of the home being sold. The buyer can then compare the standard deviation between the two. 2. In Florida market the average bathrooms in a home are running at 2.6. Realistically we ca assume that most homes in this market have 2.5 bathrooms. The buyer could then assume that each home that they looking at will have 2.5 bathrooms. 3. This histogram shows that homes in the $200,000 range are more likely
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