Producing and Selling Organic Compost Material

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INTRODUCTION The new venture that we have chosen is to produce and sell organic compost material. The company’s name will be CK fertilizers; it will be located in the North Eastern part of Kalleh village, Madhya Pradesh. This will be the first ever medium scale company to produce organic compost material in Madhya Pradesh. The target consumers for the product will be farmers from the location around the company, which is mainly Madhya Pradesh. We chose this business plan mainly because of three reason; it is a profitable idea, it is eco-friendly and it will be the first medium scale organic compost production company in Madhya Pradesh. Before deciding upon this plan we over looked at the cost of establishment, operational cost, need for organic compost, agriculture of Madhya Pradesh, weather of Kalleh village, target market, ratio of success rate, it would help Indian agriculture, etc. CK FERTILIZERS The company will cover 250 square meters of land in in the North Eastern part of Kalleh village; it will have an organic waste recycling plant, a ware house to store finished products and an office. It will be a medium scale industry. Raw material mainly used will be organic waste material; these waste materials will be decomposed in a matter of time and then made ready for distribution. This business plan will require different equipment and vehicles to function. Vehicles like mini trucks to transport and other machines to handle the compost.

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