Product Analysis And Concepts Of The Smartphone

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Introduction The product I recently purchased was the OnePlus One android smartphone. Smartphones are mobile devices implemented with advanced capability and connectivity features similar to computers. OnePlus is a startup company that has recently entered the mobile market in late December of 2013. Their goals and ambition were to produce the best product possible to satisfy a certain price point. Their target market for the smartphone was not focused primarily on segmentation of age, gender or geography, but to users who want the best product; those who do not want to settle. The OnePlus One is the latest android smartphone in the market to date and can only be acquired through an invitation and not a direct purchase from the OnePlus website. The two individuals interviewed for this research project were from both genders that shared similarities and differences to my motives and influence in purchasing a new smartphone. The smartphone purchased from both participants were the OnePlus One and Apple’s IPhone 5S respectively. Product Analysis and Concepts The purchase of the OnePlus One can be viewed in the perceptual process of exposure and attention. The mobile industry is the fastest growing and third-biggest ad category through spending with 36,597 ads aired on TV alone (Learmonth, 2014). According to Pew Research, more than 56% of American adults own a smartphone which is an 11% increase from last year. Being exposed to large number of ads did not help influence

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