Product Analysis: Military Fighter Jets

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Product Analysis Military Fighter Jets The Israeli Air Force started operating during 1948's war of independence by a small group of people with a few aircrafts; it was standardized as a superior air force in early 1950's in relation to its administration of operations and efficiency. The inclusion of American and British aircrafts, timely up gradations, emphasis on technology and strategic alliances made Israeli air force a force to reckon with. This superiority achieved by the Israeli Air Force kept the regional enemy nations at bay and also enabled the Israeli's to initiate and execute various military operations against these enemies. Israeli Air Force has always played a vital role in all the wars between Israel and other nations, helping ground troops and destroying important targets in the enemy nations. Throughout its existence a lot of emphasis has been given to upgrades, new inclusions in the fleet and technological advancements in warfare, it was as early as 1970 that Israel introduced UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Middle East is an unstable region, when not against Israeli's or westerners most Muslim countries tend to fight each other and differences related to ideology, race and sects rise. All these countries are against Israel and in one way or another want to see Israel wiped out from the map of the world. The United States of America has been a strong supporter and arms supplier to Israel; working with various Arab nations for guaranteeing security to
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