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Product Analysis of Kentucky Fried Chicken History of Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) as one of the most popular and successful fast food restaurants, which was founded by Harland Sanders in North Corbin, Kentucky in 1930 and concentrate on fried chicken, after decades of development, KFC has become the world’s second largest fast food restaurant chain. In the first twenty years of fried chicken was invented, Harland Sanders opened a restaurant to sell the fried chicken. In 1952, Harland Sanders recognized that franchising is the best way to expand his fried chicken business, so the first KFC franchise opened in Utah in 1952, since then KFC entered a rapid development period. In 1964, KFC has more than 600…show more content…
The last one also can be the most important one is advertising. KFC use advertising to promotion since 1966, in this year the KFC’s advertising budget is about $4 million. Now, almost all the promote activities of KFC are start with advertising. Practice has proved that advertising is works. Positive Influence on My Perception There are five parts of positive influence on my perception. I will talk about the details as follow: First, KFC has 20,000 restaurants that distribute in 109 countries and territories that mean you can always find one when you need. Based on KFC’s best place choosing strategy, almost of the KFC restaurants have a good location. For example, shopping center, railway station, and business center. In China, normally I go to FKC for lunch, either go to shopping or waiting for train in railway station. Second, KFC use product localization strategy. In order to adapt local market and provide best services to customer, KFC use product localization strategy. Before entering a new market, its will do some research and gather data to analysis the local customer dietary habit, then develop new product and change new menu conforms to local taste and religious requirements. Such as KFC provide deep-fried dough sticks and soya-bean milk for breakfast in China market. Third, KFC fast food restaurant provide take-out service. Such as you have lot works to do no time to cook or feel lazy do not want to cook at weekends,
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