Product And The Company 's Expansion Essay

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Introduction to Choffy To put it simply, Choffy is brewed chocolate. Cocoa beans are roasted and ground to create an alleged long-last energy and wellness drink. Choffy’s website ( provides more information about the product and the company’s expansion. Competition with Coffee: Complementary vs. Substitute Complementary goods are good that go together or are connected, while substitute good is a good that satisfy the same needs of the consumers and can be used to replace one another. For example, complementary goods are items such as coffee and cream, and substitute good would be energy drinks and coffee. Therefore, Choffy competes as a substitute to coffee. Choffy does have the potential to genuinely compete with coffee if all its claims are true. Choffy claims that its drinks are a better alternative to coffee since it contains theobromine rather than caffeine. This avoids the negative effects of caffeine while still providing an energy lift. Additionally, Choffy states that it drink contains antioxidants, creates better blood circulation, and gives the feeling of being focused, alert and elated ( Other factors to examine at are taste, availability, and costs. Choffy taste must be better than the taste of coffee to consumers. This may be a difficult task with coffee being the second highest traded commodity in the world. Choffy is currently only available in the United States, but Americans ate billions worth of chocolate in 2015
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