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Discuss this product or service in terms of its current target market demographics using U.S. Census Data.
The product/service I chose is in store movie rental and purchase. I.e. Blockbuster Videos. While DVD sales declined for a third straight year in 2009, consumer appetite for viewing movies at home remains very healthy as new physical and digital services for buying and renting movies gain in popularity. The proliferation of movie rental kiosk machines over the last year was probably the most visible sign of consumer interest in viewing movies at home.
To understand the impact of rental kiosks and other movie services on household disc purchasing (DVD and Blu-ray), a survey was fielded to panelists who were identified as disc
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Red box has become the biggest competitor for blockbuster. I love the convenience of driving less than mile to my gas station to rent a movie for $1 dollar. Blockbuster is attempting to compete with the blockbuster express; however they don’t have nearly as many units as red box. Also blockbuster express charges more for their new release then red box. I like the convenience of being able to return red box movies to any one of their locations no matter the city or state.
Movies-on-demand is a great concept. You can order movies to your home TV as soon as there available on DVD. You can rent a movie for just about the same price as you would from blockbuster. Turning your TV on and watching a new release from the comfort of your home is priceless. Also being billed for the movie with your regular cable bill is a convenience as well. People enjoy have something that is convenient for them. Those that don’t have cable can go the red box for less than a rental at block buster.
Finally, I don't begin to doubt that digital movie piracy played a role. Even though authorities have begun cracking down on some of this in recent years, there's little doubt that Blockbuster and others lost millions of dollars in potential rentals when movies were illegally downloaded. All of these causes of Blockbusters troubles have something in common: technology. Without the Internet, Netflix wouldn't have
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