Product Backtracking Apple’s MacBook Pro

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Product Backtracking – Apple’s MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is, to most, the world’s most innovative and efficient laptop, with over 4 million sales in 2013 alone. Steve Jobs created the line of Macintosh computers, originally in 1984 in Cupertino, California, which is currently the location of Apple’s headquarters today. Although the design of the MacBook Pro was created and originally manufactured in California, the assembly of the laptop now takes place in China due to the fact that the company is able to earn a greater profit from the cheap labour as opposed to that in the U.S. Apple receives the final product from a manufacturing plant owned by Foxconn, a company that specializes in the assembly of electronics that are mainly shipped to Northern America, whose headquarters are located in Longhua, Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is recognized as one of China’s most economically sound cities because it is the hub of industrial factories and the location of many company’s headquarters. Foxconn is notorious for scandals involving unsuitable environments for their factory workers, but have since claimed that they have resolved the issues. Although there are still a fair amount of reports from Foxconn’s factory workers concern working conditions, Apple assures customers that there are continual reliable audits of the manufacturing plants. Development, in terms of categorizing countries, is the level at which a nation achieves stability, whether that includes stability in the

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