"Product Centric Business Model & Customer Centric Business Model: a Comparative Study of Brac Bank

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I earnestly thank Mr. Mehedi Hassan Chowdhury, Senior Relationship Manager, Premium Banking, BRAC Bank, Chittagong Cluster, for acting as a mentor round-the-clock and showing me the right direction whenever I started going off-track. Nevertheless, I must acknowledge the continual support I got from my Internship Supervisor Mr. Sanjoy Bose, Relationship Manager, Premium Banking, BRAC Bank Chittagong region through guiding me during the whole Internship period.

Most importantly I would like to thank my supervisor Mr. Md. Ayub Islam. Without his support and guidance this report would not have been possible.

Also I would like to thank my parents and my friends especially Mr. Arup Ratan Barua whose constant support and
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In this report I have tried to discuss the retailed banking sector of BRAC bank. To understand its retail customer needs and satisfy it BRAC Bank has divided its retail banking into four different segments according to customer profile. These are * Premium Banking * Supreme Banking * Excel Banking * Easy Banking
The core reason for the segmentation of retailed banking sector is to develop a model that will reach beyond mere cross selling and contribute towards offering life cycle based products for the customer and establish the need to understand customers’ needs comprehensively.
As per the guideline for internship project and suggestion by my supervisor I have tried to differentiate the ongoing scenario of BRAC Bank’s customer centric model with the traditional model. This model is being introduced to get greater profit by giving the customers better service.
In the research what we have found out is that customers value service more than product quality (Interest Rates, FD, Features). So if the customers are provided better service they can be loyal customers of the bank and thus increase banks profitability and growth.
Like anything new introduced, has the problem of facing the first bluster. What BRAC Bank is trying to do is completely a new idea in the sector of banking in Bangladesh. So they are expected to face some difficulties and thus i have tried to give some recommendations.
Finally the thing I must mention is that I have thoroughly enjoyed the
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