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Product Description - Ample Meal is a complete meal in one product with everything your body needs to nourish itself; it is packed into one bottle and filled with water before consumed.
Market Trends -
1. Quality – It is soy and gluten free with no GMOs, added sugar or artificial flavors.
2. Mission and Goals – The company aims to set the bar high for the food industry.
3. Consumer Tastes and Preferences – It is convenient, easy to make and portable.
4. Demographics – Americans looking for a quick, healthy alternative target it.
5. Technology Development – E-commerce is increasing the communication line.
SWOT Analysis -
• Strengths include their mission statement, convenience and scientific formula.
• Weaknesses include its high price, United States shipping limit and short shelf life.
• Opportunities include marketing as an alternative meal, portability and for losing weight.
• Threats include their direct competitor Soylent, other supplements and pumpkin shortage.
Consumer Profile/Market Segmentation - Ample Meal is targeting 15 - 30 year American vegetarian women with higher education who live in Pacific regions and can afford higher prices.
Existing Competition - Soylent is a main competitor as a full meal replacement easy to prepare.
Threat of New Entrants - Any product advocating as a meal replacement can be competition.
Product Position - Ample Meal has thirty proteins, fats, carbs, greens, probiotics and prebiotics.
Product Description
Ample Meal is

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