Product Description Of The Canadian Beaver Express

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Product Description
As the Canadian Beaver Express, we present ourselves as an ultra luxury train experience. Our goal is not to provide a journey, but to make it a once in a lifetime experience.
Our motto “Luxury is in each detail” can be achieved through our core, facilitating, supported and augmented product.
1) Core Product:
The core product is the cultural enrichment, an experience that will guide you through the history of a beautiful country and give you an opportunity to explore its roots while making sure that the adventure is safe, luxurious and comfortable.
This is what we are really selling. Not just a train ride, but an experience.
2) Facilitating Product:
Facilitating products are the products or services that support the core product.
Keeping in mind our target market, we need to make sure that our facilitating products and services are in lieu with the guests needs. These may include but are not limited to Passenger saloons and cabin types, Public areas and dining, Tour guides, Off board excursions and transport, Paramedic, Wheelchair Access for disabled Passengers, Special Diet preference, Smoking policies.

3) Supporting Product:
Supporting products are different from facilitating products. Faciliting products support the core product while supporting products add extra value to the whole product.
In addition to the services mentioned above, The train will offer some facilities to keep our guests amused and relaxed.Some of them are:
• Live music
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