Product Design Specification ( Pds )

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Product Design Specification (PDS) PDS stands for Product Design Specification and they are a detailed description of requirements, dimensions and materials that will be used throughout the creation of the green powered car project. Statement of the Problem A statement of the problem is statement highlighting the issues that need to be addressed by a problem solving team; this is used to get the team to work together on a common goal in the beginning. The task we have been assigned for this project is to design and manufacture a fully functioning green powered car which will be raced in the croft formula race. The subject my group has been given is the electronics, this is a vital part of the car if we want to win due to the fact that…show more content…
Design- to design a fully functioning circuit (Parallel or Series) which links all of the components together, we need to make sure that the wires are concealed to ensure that the car looks aesthetically pleasing. Testing- to ensure that the circuit works my group and I will need to run multiple tests, we will also need to decide whether to use a parallel or a series circuit, we will choose a circuit type based on how long the battery lasts and which circuit has the most power. We will also need to find the most suitable places to put the components. Manufacturing- to be able to manufacture and create the designs we have produced, also each part of the final product should be fully functional and contribute towards the finished product. The main desired outcome would be to finish the green powered car with plenty of time to spare so we can test it and therefore hopefully do well in the race. With all of our teams working together and everybody doing their part I believe that this is a very possible outcome. The People Involved And Their Responsibilities Electrical Team leader for the electrical group is: Jack Dent, his job is to guide the team as well as wiring up the battery and brake lights. Lewis Dixon- my job is to help Jack to wire up the battery to the system
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