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5. SMARTPHONE MARKET By upcoming trend in year 2015 indicates that the average selling price of all android OS devices included software development kit and application program kit, is predicted to be reach at USD 300 or less. Currently companies are trying to establish smartphones as the mainstream mobile phone in IT industry [12]. Some experts mentioned that the affordability of smartphones must contribute to the growth of smartphones in global market. Few previous reviews already projected that different vendors like Samsung, Apple & HTC have already sold out more than one billion units by the end of year 2012. As stated by android devices, due to their friendly interfaces and easy to use techniques will continue to dominate the…show more content…
The main factor was the Nokia Company has decided in February 2011 to upgrade its operating system to the Windows Phone 7 and users were not satisfied with hardware and software compatibility. Therefore, same as to the tablet environment, the smartphone OS is projected to remain fragmented and consists of four dominant platforms such as Android, Microsoft, iOS and RIM. However, as per current scenario three platforms which have the strong potential might be able to significantly change in the market over the next 12-18 months for instance Samsung’s OS Bada, Microsoft’s Window’s Phone, and Blackberry. As shown above by Gartner forecasts point out that potential of Samsung’s OS Bada was undervalued, which it includes in the category “other OS”. After that in 2011, Samsung Galaxy achieved remarkable growth in IT field, which was based on Android OS. The Samsung’s tried to push of Bada Smartphones and they sold out more than 2.5 million devices within short time. In contrast with Window’s phone its market turnover reached around 1.7 million devices per year during in 2011. Some experts recommended that if Samsung ranked the production of Bada smartphones over Android devices so it might become a direct opponent for the Windows Phone OS. One more competitor, Blackberry faced a serious drop in sales throughout 2011, reached at 8.8 precent of the global
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