Product Development

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When Charlie Price’s father died, Charlie had no idea that he would have to completely revamp the family business in order to keep the family shoe factory running, nor did he realize the problems that would arise out of his change from men’s shoes to heels for drag queens. Charlie had to employ fundamental marketing techniques in order to make the 180-degree transformation of his company and to make his gamble profitable. Kinky Boots did not take on the typical way for the a new product to reach market, but nonetheless Kinky Boots took on a more realistic and organic way of a product becoming more than idea. The company, luckily, had many strengths to begin with laid a good foundation for what would become the Kinky Boots factory. Most …show more content…
If, for example, Christian Louboutin were to make a special line or special edition drag queen boot, the luxury factor and brand name status of these boots would certainly dig into the profits of Kinky Boots. Nevertheless, Kinky Boots themselves could offer limited and special shoes releases. Another thing that aids Kinky Boots in this potential threat is their name is synonymous with catering to the needs of transgendered individuals, which gives them a certain credibility that is important to making a purchase. In the development of a product, often the textbook steps are ignored and the product organically comes to be in a mixed order. This is exactly what happened with Kinky Boots. The development of this product was not generated in a “think tank” atmosphere; this product came more out of trial and error. First, there was the idea screening with Lola, to see if he would be interested in trying the special boot. Then, there was the first round of product development that went over like a lead balloon because the flat, burgundy boot did not appeal to the target market: drag queens. It is through the help of Lola on the project that product development process becomes more textbook. By having Lola leave London to join the company, the idea generation and idea screening processes are by-passed because this was a last resort
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